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Thursday, 31 May 2012

So Glamour have done it again..benefit freebies

So as the title suggests glamour magazine have well and truly excelled themselves yet again, every year they seem to release three benefit freebies within the monthly magazine around this time of year last year it was the likes of posietint! this year the choices are that gal primer, the porefessional and bad gal lash mascara, i didn't pick up the mascara because im not a fan and find the formula quite messy, however after purchasing confessions of a Concealaholic last year i have been an avid fan of that gal primer, with an almost bubblegum sent, lovely texture and one of the only primers that seems to help my makeup last i couldnt help but pick it up (too be honest i may pick more up, naughty naughty), i also picked up porefessional, ive been using this primer for the past month or so and still dont know what i think of it, so expect a review when ive decided. 

the awesomeness of benefit minis is that they last absolute ages, and for what would in reality be £30 worth of stuff if all bought together, £2 for a cheeky freebie and a good read is fab in my eyes!! 
have you picked up a glamour mag?? if it makes you feel better theres three different covers aswell ;) 

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  1. I am loving Porefessional atm. I have it in full size but I think I might get a few magazines and stock up on it so I won't have to pay full price again when I run out :)

    1. that's what i did with that gal, because £2 a mag seems more appealing than £21 for the full size haha xx