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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Liz Earle Skincare Try-Me Kit

hello lovelies i hope your all well. So first things first apologies for being all over the place with blogging, but being my last year of uni and all that jazzular i have been completely bogged under with work especially my dissertation, but as of Wednesday 11,000 words were printed, bound and handed in, so i am now apart from a few essays free which means more time for posting yaay :) secondly this is definitely a positive review. As ive mentioned recently i have definitely been on a skincare binge and have been investing in quite a few products in replacement for my previous skincare routine which just wasn't cutting the mark. Iv'e heard so many rave reviews about Liz Earle Skincare, so decided to invest in the try me kit, instead of forking out for a full size product i may not necessarily like, or may not work with my skin, however after using this for a month i can already quite happily say that il be repurchasing this. 
I picked up the set in combination/ oily as i have dry patches around my nose and cheeks with really oily places around my chin and forehead. the set includes the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser with a muslin cloth, the instant boost skin tonic, the deep cleansing mask with two sponges and the skin repair light moisturizer which all come in a little Liz Earle bag. 
So far i have not used the deep cleansing mask as ive been to hyped up about my elemis fruit active rejuvenating mask but i seriously cannot rave enough about the other products. Iv'e been using the cleanser in the evening after removing my makeup with my beloved Bioderma, by using the muslin my skin is left feeling really clean, and i love the herbally scent it has. I then use the toner which feels really refreshing, and then finally i apply the moisturizer after using boo boo zap, i actually think i might be addicted to the smell of the moisturizer, i cannot place the scent but it is so yummy, it also leaves my skin feeling really smooth, but not greasy like a lot of moisturizers leave my skin.   Within the month that i have been using this set my skin has been dramatically clearer with only a few spots around my chin area. My skin has also seemed alot less oily, with occasional oily patches around my forehead. Although miniatures, i can see this set lasting a while, with well over half of the bottles still left after using them each day. I bought the try me kit for £23 from John Lewis, which i think is pretty good value for what you get. 
Have you tried anything from the skincare range?? anything you would highly recommend?? 

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