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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Benefit Brow Bar Experience & brow Zings Review

 Hello lovelies, i hope your all well!! my eyebrows have always been something ive not been happy about, when i was about 13 i stupidly over plucked one of my eyebrows so they have never matched, fed up with how they looked i decided to finally visit a benefit counter after hearing rave reviews from friends to finally fix my unruly brows once and for all!! so you may wonder why ive never taken this step before? well although i have a slight mishap on one brow, i am a larger brow lady which i love, and have always feared having them extremely over plucked to a horrendous shape, but after seeing the lovely results on friends i decided to put my trust in a benebabe. And if im honest im glad i did!!

 the lovely MUA in question was totally not pushy, down to earth and did a brilliant job, she explained how i would have to try and grow my brows out to fix my little mishap and has banned me from plucking my brows except for stray strands until my next visit, however through waxing, tinting and plucking she shaped my brows wonderfully and finished the look with benefit brow zings, i was completely happy and still am. I was apprehensive about having my brows waxed because ive never had it done before but in all honesty it was alot less pain free compared to conventional plucking. The shape has stayed put and ive noticed my brows have grown a lot less than usual which is a plus due to the waxing!! would i go back again? yes i totally would infact im going back in two weeks time, but i would only want the benebabe who did it before as she was all for big brows, i dont know how another would have treated my accident such as over plucking it etc. 

So onto Brow Zings, after seeing the results after the benebabe applying this, i decided that i needed it, but in all honesty although i really like it, its no different to the elf brow kit which i think is just as good for the fraction of the price. However i do like how it comes with two applicator brushes and little tweezers, its an ideal compact for on the go!!
Im really tempted in the future to have HD brows, but for now im pretty happy with the results i have received, have you had your brows tamed at benefit?? what did you think??

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  1. i have recently bought brow-zing but haven't been brave enough to have them waxed yet but this has tempted me! x

    1. im glad its helped :) they were really helpful and non pushy, i dont know if that would go for all counters though xx

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