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Monday, 14 May 2012

Maybelline THE FALSIES volume express Mascara

If you usually read my posts (ugh that sounds so big headed) then you'll know that i am always on the quest for a new and better Mascara, when it comes to mascaras, i am the first to admit that im rather fickle and will use a certain one till something 'better' comes along. For a while my go to mascara of choice has been Revlons grow luscious mascara, and i definitely cannot fault it, but i will admit when i saw Maybelline THE FALSIES volume express mascara was on offer in Tesco a while back i couldnt resist making a cheeky purchase. I had heared rave reviews about many of Maybellines Mascaras, from both the beauty world and friends, so i was excited about trying this, and well what can i say i definitely was not disappointed. I absolutely love it. The brush is somewhat curved which i though would be a problem to start with but it actually makes the mascara better, first you apply mascara using the curved edge of the wand followed by the straight edge. I am blessed to have reasonably long lashes, so length is not something i tend to look for in a mascara, but they seriously do look longer, what i do however look for is volume and this baby certainly gives lots of it. 
In the month or so that i have had THE FALSIES in my possession, if i try another mascara, i still find myself going back to this, its pretty long lasting, never seems to clump my lashes together, and gives me the volume aswell as length that i desire, of course i will still no doubt seek for better, but for now this mascara gives me what i want and then some. 
Altogether i really cannot fault this mascara from the packaging, to the wand and the price is pretty reasonable, i paid around £5 due to the offer, but i think it usually retails around the £7 mark 

Have you tried the falsies mascara? what did you think??

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