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Sunday, 6 May 2012

week in edition

 Ah so just before my dreaded dissertation deadline i thought it would be good to have a two day break in London (didn't really think it through) but in my defense the reasoning was id bought tickets to see simple plan for the besties 21st. But tbh it was awesome just to have time to wander around and shop (always a plus). We stayed in covent garden which was nice being central to everything which also meant bumping into bob the cat! seriously if you haven't heared about this little fella go and check out his story, basically the homeless guy in question rescued a very ill and beaten little bob, nursed him back to health and he's not left his side since following him around the streets of London!! (hes even written a book). My naughty purchase for a change was not makeup or clothing but scrumptious macaroons from laduree, my friend thought i was mad but they were completely worth the £12 price tag with the lavish box and carry bag. a trip to London isint right without lots of sight seeing (which meant walking around st James park and watching a man get followed by pigeons, visiting Buckingham palace and using the daunting tube) aswell as taking a trip to Harrods (that pet bed is so bloody cute but however much i love my boys £500 is waay to much), but most importantly was the trip to topshop in oxford street, we spent a good hour in there, which meant studying the jewellery especially the orelia displays, at one point i had three bracelets in my hand, but i was good and left with zilch, browsing the endless display of polishes and consuming yummy cupcakes. As for the gig it was bloody awesome with lots of guy candy!!

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