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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Everyday Skincare Routine

 Hello lovelies i hope your all well, so i have seen quite a few lovely people do this post in the past, and being the nosey and recent skincare fanatic i have recently become i decided to show you guys mine. For a long time my skincare routine was somewhat tedious and boring, and after a bout of bad skin during a very stressful uni time full of deadlines i decided enough was enough and chose to invest in some decent skincare that both suited and helped my skin. After about a month or so i can see a massive difference with how my skin both looks and feels. My skin type if you were wondering is combination oily, with dry patches around my nose and cheeks and oily patches around my chin and forehead, so heres what I've been using daily....
Purity one step facial cleanser- this is probably the only step that i will religiously do daily, my cleanser of choice is philosophy's purity one step facial cleanser, i love how this leaves my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean after use, aswell as carrying a rather lovely scent. like most philosophy products this is slightly hefty at £8 but for the teeny amount that is needed this will last a rather long time.
Caudalie beauty elixir- My next step is this baby, and i will put my hands up and say that this is my faviourite part of my skincare routine, after a few spritzes on my face i feel wide awake and fresh faced, i think the wide awake bit may be due to the amazing scent, in all honesty it feels like a waft from a steam sauna in a spray haha
Benefit 'its potent' eye cream- this is a recent addition to my routine but im liking it so far, i apply a little of this under my eyes, so far im liking it but i wouldn't say ive noticed any dramatic changes just yet 
Liz Earle skin repair light moisturizer- i finally use the Liz Earle skin repair moisturizer for combination/ oily skin, aswell as smelling uber scrumptious, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy like many moisturizer's do. 
Bioderma- i use Bioderma of an evening to remove my makeup, and i have to agree with the hype that surrounds this product, i apply a little on a cotton pad and with just a swipe or two, all traces of my eye makeup is removed, which leads to a happy, panda free face ;)
Liz Earle cleanse and polish-i then use this along with the muslin cloth that the cleanser comes with, which helps to remove any remaining traces of makeup 
Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic or Caudalie beauty elixir- depending on how i feel i will use either of these as my next step,  i use the Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic when i want more of a deep clean, this has a lovely tingly effect and leaves my skin feeling thoroughly clean, on more of a lazy evening i will use Caudalie, as its obviously less effort to apply 
Benefit 'its potent' eye cream-i will then apply this as before 
Liz Earle skin repair moisturizer- and the same
Once in a Blue Moon 
Bio Oil- i have hyperpigmentation around my cheek area, aswell as chicken pox scars on my forehead, so i will use this every now and again, i should probably use it more but its rather oily on my skin 
Elemis Fruit active rejuvenating mask- i use this beauty once a week and i bloody love doing so, this mask smells absolutely amazing, and leaves my skin feeling deep cleansed.
soap and glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser- Before i fell for the charms of purity and my cleanse and polish, this was my go to cleanser, but i just feel it doesn't really work for me, however that being said i will use it now and again in the shower just to refresh my skin. 
Sudacrem- When i have breakouts (usually around ahem that time of month) i always revert back to this, i hate the smell and i look like a ghost once ive applied it, but for around £2 for a pretty big tub this will quickly reduce the appearance of spots. 
So whats your everyday skincare routine, if you've done a post please send me the link id love to see :) 

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  1. This is a fab post, I love seeing what products other people use. x

    1. aww thankyou :) ah and me i love having a nosey haha xx