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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nail Polish Collection (part 1)

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well, now by no means is this post, along with the following polish post bragging, i love seeing nail polish collection videos and posts and i thought you guys might like to see mine. The polishes i own have been collected over several years with some being in my possession since i was 14 so no doubt really needing throwing out haha. I store my polishes in a sturdy acrylic box from Ikea, this came in a set with draw inserts for around £13, but this is absolutely perfect to keep my polishes stored away and hidden in my drawers, although at some point id love a proper nail polish set up, ive decided to do this in two posts rather than making it to lengthy, i hope you enjoy :) 

l-r: pearly queen, golden peach, blooboo, emerald city, top turquoise, pure purple, lilac dream 

l-r: bubblegum, juicy jules, snow white,  pink cocktail, pinky brown, golden green, nail art pens 
Models own are without a doubt my faviourite nail polish brand, and ive gained quite a collection within the year ive known about them, with great formulas and an amazing colour range, aswell as ranging around £5 for a pretty big bottle, whats not to love. As for the nail art pens these are little gems. 

skull and glossbones, sparrow me the drama, strangers tide, planks a lot

l-r: rumples wiggins, wocka wocka!, excuse moi!, better!, warm and fozzie 

l-r: warm and fozzie, did it on em, fly, pink friday, metallic 4 life, 
I love the formula of opi polishes, aswell as them also being fast drying, with some amazing colours and collections, however they are pretty hefty at around £10 each, so i much prefer purchasing the minis ;) 

l-r: atomic, ??, victoria, omp, copacabana, jermyn street 
hands up, i will confess ive never purchased a nails inc polish, ive managed to gather this little collection through magazine freebies and free offers in the paper and boots, to be honest im not overly fussed by them, for the £11 price tag id much prefer to purchase an OPI shade, but there lovely none the less

l-r: MUA i <3 u, mac ocean dip, pixi pirouette, OPI start to finish base coat, maybelline ballerina, maybelline french white 
Im a sucker for limited edition packaging hence the first three being purchased, but in all honesty they have to be three of my faviourite polishes in my collection. OPI start and finish is my go to base coat and i use ballerina and french white the seldom times i actually try to do a manicure 

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  1. Awesome collection doll:)
    Sara xx

  2. I love your nail polish collection. Models Own and OPI are very good. x

  3. I love all your OPI colours - so pretty! x

    1. thankyou, the joys of their minis collections :) haha xx

  4. great collection, loving all the MO polishes, one of my fav brands x

  5. I totally agree about the Nails Inc! They're OK but I'd much rather purchase OPI any day :-) What's the OPI Base and Top Coat like as a top coat, is it glossy or matte?



    1. there just an exciting thing to get in freebies for me ;) haha.. its really good my main polish defo lasts longer with say it was glossy, not overly though :) xx