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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Primark Haul

Hello lovelies, its safe to say that i (among many) am a massive sucker form primark. Fabulously cheap, so much so that if anything tears or breaks, another can be purchased (its not really going to break the bank, this coming from a uni student ha). Jewellery is a massive weak spot for me and Primarni bling is no exception. I dont know if its just me, but primark have seriously upped their game and their quality (i bought a set of rings way back in November and still no sign of a green finger ha). So when i spotted some new items during my recent primark binge i couldnt resist picking up a piece or two
 How cute are these bows? (flowers and bows what could be better) these were all £1.50-£2.50 (although i picked up studs with bent backs, much for good quality, jokes)
 you cannot go wrong with bangles, they can add a little something to the most boring of outfits. These were £4 each
 and finally last but not least this floral ring, i am a sucker for anything floral at the moment (if you hadn't already gathered by my purchases ha) this was £ bargain
So what do you think of Primark Jewellery? found any bargains lately??

Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Update

Hello lovelies hope your all well!!, apologies for being slightly absent this week, being back at uni means a lot of catching up aswell as A LOT of dissertation work :( week has mainly consisted off lots of eating (tut tut). First stop was the cozy club with the housemate to stuff our faces on tapas..its meant to have an "art deco-inspired" feel to it, i just love it!!.Then it was TGI's with one of the besties (which always results in cocktails, even if this time it was the non alcoholic kind).
The gorgeous house is my new home, what do you think? pah i wish, i cant help but love bath when i walk past grand buildings like this on a daily basis ( just wish my uni house looked like it).
Instead of doing the amount of work i should probably be doing, ive been distracting myself with vogue and temple run (oopsie) 
My boyfriends mum generously gave me this camera, as shes purchased a new one, so finally i have a decent camera for blogging, which means no more stealing the boyfriends camera and lots more photos!!
 And finally yet another pair of sparkly shoes (i seriously have an addiction) these beauties were £12 on the sale in New Look!!

So what have you been up to this week??

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Killer Heels (literally)

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well.. the luxury of being back home has finally come to and end as im back to uni tomorrow (seriously third year is just no fun, i actually have to work haha). Whilst browsing the ASOS sale, i spotted these very sparkly Mary janes, and without really thinking about it, added them to my basket (bare in mind i have recently gained two other pairs of sparkly shoes to my collection).

On tuesday they arrived, and i excitedly ripped the packaging open to be faced with two thoughts, number 1 being OMG they are so sparkly and number 2, but their so frigging high, so undecided on whether to keep them or not i took to instagram and my work girlies to see whether i should keep them, after a resounding yes, including a surprising yes from the boyfriend i decided to keep them. 

i mean they are gorgeous, were originally £50 reduced to £25, and they will go with everything (shameless justification)..its just the whole managing to spend a whole night out wearing them i need to suss out :S, but then again as my nana would always say 'pride will pinch' haha.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff Limited Edition, Mac's Ruby Woo

i seriously had to show you lovelies this, whilst browsing the latest copy of vogue i literally gasped at this amazing limited edition, glitter encrusted Ruby Woo, designed by Meadham Kirchhoff, then i sighed when i realised there were only thirteen made, specifically to be used for the show..all i have to say is that the dancers who received these are lucky buggers ;)

Review- DollyBowBow Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well. Now its safe to say im partial to watching Dollybowbows YouTube vids, ooohing and aahhing over all the beautiful jewellery she both buys and also makes..ive always admired from afar  all the lovely offerings on her website but never took the plunge and purchased anything..After reading a few posts and watching Kate's video on her Peter Pan Collars i knew i needed one in my life. Just before Christmas the boyf decided to order this beauty for me and it arrived yesterday, which tbh was pretty quick as they only started reshipping after the Christmas period last Wednesday!! I love the brown Paper Bag and the Sticker that the necklace came encased in.

As for the necklace itself its gorgeous. the collar is quite flimsy but i suppose it needs to be like this as its meant to be worn as if part of a top, however its strong enough!!..there is literally so much glitter its gorgeous,  it definitely attracts my magpie side ;)...the collar is attached to a really sturdy chain with enough links to have the collar as long or as short as you please.

Altogether im really happy with my purchase this lovely cost £10 which i think is pretty reasonable considering they charge way more on the high street, aswell as it being really good quality!!, and shipping i think was about a £1 which i think is really good for how quick it arrived!! 

Have you Purchased Anything from Dollybowbow?? what did you think??

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Just Kors ;)

Hello lovelies i hope your all well!! its that time of year again where apart from Christmas money, i am well and truly skint after buying Christmas pressie etc and im totally beginning to watch the pennies (im thinking the saving that needs to be done for my trips to New York and Poland etc ha) im going to try and spend my money wisely (i say this now, but how long it will last im not to sure) aswell as this i have ALOT of uni work, and ive promised myself im going to get the majority of my final year work done by April, im thinking less getting distracted by minuscule things (a brick wall could distract me if it means not doing work) and im really going to work my ass off!!..these sound like really good ideas dont they?? justification is probably not so..yeah of course i want to do well in my final year, i want my degree goddammit, and of course i want to save my money, but my main reason is that i want to purchase a beautiful Michael Kors watch the one below in particular..and i have promised myself that by getting on top of my uni work and being good with my pennies, justifies a lovely purchase, what do you think?? ;) 
Do you ever make up deadlines to yourself to justify a ridiculous purchase??

Monday, 2 January 2012

New years NOTD- Once Upon A Time

 hello lovelies, hope your all having a great start to the new year!! if you read my previous post then you will know i wasn't really in the mood to celebrate new years, but me the boyf and my parents all sat together welcoming in the new years and raising a toast to my Nan!!..the only thing that was dressed for the occasion was my nails, ever since i saw Hannah's post on Barry M's Once upon a Time, i knew this sparkly gem needed to be in my collection, however this was easier said than done, i to ok several trips to Superdrug and boots without seeing this gem aswell as continuously trying on the Barry M site and it being forever sold out, so i gave in and tried Amazon and low and behold they had it, okay it was £4 but it was definitely worth the extra pound.
 Once Upon a Time is a clear polish with loads of pink and silver glitter its so pretty and reminds me of cake sprinkles, it really is a glitter explosion of a nail polish..i chose to put OPI's Planks alot as a base coat and i needed about four coats of Once Upon A time to achieve the look below aswell as Barry M's topcoat, although my pictures really do not show this beauty justice!! 
 Like all Barry M nail polishes, this beauty is really good quality, if you like glitter and sparkles then you will love this and for £2.99 (or the £4 i payed) you cannot go wrong

have any of you tried this?? any dupes for once upon a time??

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, hello 2012

its safe to say i had some truly amazing times in 2011, i passed my second year of uni with a 2:1, i had a lovely birthday in center Parcs with the boyf, we celebrated our two year anniversary, had many a night out with my friends aswell as a drunken trip away, and got to go to the palace to receive my gold dofe award, aswell as a hint of sparkle being born ;)..however it feels somewhat like the bad times were more prominent than the good, alot of my family members that i love dearly were ill, my great grandmother died after being incredibly ill for a long time, my aunt had a serious operation which she recovered from and finally sadly on weds night(28th/29th) my Nan passed away, she sadly just missed joining us in the new year, my world feels like it has been turned upside down, we've had some amazing memories and happy times that i will forever remember, and i feel that there is a massive hole in my life!!..but im gonna set my new years resolution to live life to the absolute full and make my nana proud of me 

im going to graduate from uni hopefully with a 2:1
go to many gigs, blink 182, we the kings and simple plan are already planned
go to Paris for nana because i always joked i would take her 
new York with the boyf for my 21st 
pass my driving test 
and hopefully get onto a pgce 
and blog more

i really hope you all have a great 2012, hopefully this year will be a bit kinder to me, sorry that this post isint the happiest!!.
rip nana, i love you more than anything!! sweet dreams

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