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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review- DollyBowBow Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well. Now its safe to say im partial to watching Dollybowbows YouTube vids, ooohing and aahhing over all the beautiful jewellery she both buys and also makes..ive always admired from afar  all the lovely offerings on her website but never took the plunge and purchased anything..After reading a few posts and watching Kate's video on her Peter Pan Collars i knew i needed one in my life. Just before Christmas the boyf decided to order this beauty for me and it arrived yesterday, which tbh was pretty quick as they only started reshipping after the Christmas period last Wednesday!! I love the brown Paper Bag and the Sticker that the necklace came encased in.

As for the necklace itself its gorgeous. the collar is quite flimsy but i suppose it needs to be like this as its meant to be worn as if part of a top, however its strong enough!!..there is literally so much glitter its gorgeous,  it definitely attracts my magpie side ;)...the collar is attached to a really sturdy chain with enough links to have the collar as long or as short as you please.

Altogether im really happy with my purchase this lovely cost £10 which i think is pretty reasonable considering they charge way more on the high street, aswell as it being really good quality!!, and shipping i think was about a £1 which i think is really good for how quick it arrived!! 

Have you Purchased Anything from Dollybowbow?? what did you think??

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  1. I completely forgot about her,she really does have some amazing stuff for sale on her website. Shame on me! lol The necklace is so pretty and perfect for a fancy night out :) x

  2. Ah this looks gorgeous! I bet it looks amazing against black


  3. I really want this! I looked for one when I first spotted them but they were sold out :( Hopefully come pay day there will be some in stock :)

  4. @Mrs behind these blue eyes-same i kinda did to and then when i spotted these i went and had a good old nosey haha xx

    @Eloise- isint it just?? i think that's how im gonna plan on wearing it, so totes agree :) haha xx

    @zoe- she seems to put them back in stock quite frequent so hopefully you will be lucky when payday arrives :) xx