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Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Just Kors ;)

Hello lovelies i hope your all well!! its that time of year again where apart from Christmas money, i am well and truly skint after buying Christmas pressie etc and im totally beginning to watch the pennies (im thinking the saving that needs to be done for my trips to New York and Poland etc ha) im going to try and spend my money wisely (i say this now, but how long it will last im not to sure) aswell as this i have ALOT of uni work, and ive promised myself im going to get the majority of my final year work done by April, im thinking less getting distracted by minuscule things (a brick wall could distract me if it means not doing work) and im really going to work my ass off!!..these sound like really good ideas dont they?? justification is probably not so..yeah of course i want to do well in my final year, i want my degree goddammit, and of course i want to save my money, but my main reason is that i want to purchase a beautiful Michael Kors watch the one below in particular..and i have promised myself that by getting on top of my uni work and being good with my pennies, justifies a lovely purchase, what do you think?? ;) 
Do you ever make up deadlines to yourself to justify a ridiculous purchase??

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  1. DEFINITELY justified! I want a rose gold one!


  2. im glad someone else agrees :P haha..ah i love that one to but this one is slightly cheaper so i can justify it more ;) haha xx

  3. Just stopping by to let you know there is a giveaway going on, on my blog!

  4. Hehe, so true about a brick wall could distract you =p LOVE the watch, definitely a good work reward! i've justified ridiculous purchases for much less!

    1. yeah but you would egg me on to buy the watch ;) and me should never be allowed to shop together!! :P xx