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Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Update

Hello lovelies hope your all well!!, apologies for being slightly absent this week, being back at uni means a lot of catching up aswell as A LOT of dissertation work :( week has mainly consisted off lots of eating (tut tut). First stop was the cozy club with the housemate to stuff our faces on tapas..its meant to have an "art deco-inspired" feel to it, i just love it!!.Then it was TGI's with one of the besties (which always results in cocktails, even if this time it was the non alcoholic kind).
The gorgeous house is my new home, what do you think? pah i wish, i cant help but love bath when i walk past grand buildings like this on a daily basis ( just wish my uni house looked like it).
Instead of doing the amount of work i should probably be doing, ive been distracting myself with vogue and temple run (oopsie) 
My boyfriends mum generously gave me this camera, as shes purchased a new one, so finally i have a decent camera for blogging, which means no more stealing the boyfriends camera and lots more photos!!
 And finally yet another pair of sparkly shoes (i seriously have an addiction) these beauties were £12 on the sale in New Look!!

So what have you been up to this week??

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