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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The perfect party Dress??

do you ever get that moment where you see a ridiculously gorgeous fairytale party dress, which would look perfect for every Christmas occasion, but then look at the price tag to be brought back down to earth?? well i had that moment when i came across this lovely whilst browsing the top shop website, at £160 i think this will stay a dream party dress (i can always hope for the sales though right?? haha)

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  1. That dress really is beautiful, but ouch at the price tag. Maybe you could create an outfit a bit similar but for cheaper? A gold sequined bandeau and a full black skirt together might be a good stand in for the dress :) xx

  2. Leanne, im liking this idea im gonna keep a look out for a lovely gold bandeau :),thanks for the comment lovely xx

    Sarah- if only it was cheaper :( haha xx

    Jessica-may- isint it just?? xx

    thanks for the comments girlies xxx

  3. Wow!! That dress is amazing!!!
    The price tag isn't though :-/