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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Soap&Glory SUPERCAT review

hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great week!! I am a total sucker for eyeliner, i always have been and always will be, some girls go to makeup product will be mascara, or blusher, but mine definitely has to be the trusty eyeliner. with one little flick (or half the time a few flicks after making a total mess :S) eyeliner can create a sophisticated or dramatic look!!..ive been wearing eyeliner since the age of 13 and i would hate to think of the amount i have bought over the years :S..but being the sucker that i am for all things eyeliner related, this beauty from soap and glory's new make up line definitely caught my attention!!
 So here we have it, Soap and glory's extreme eyeliner pen!! all Soap and glory goodies, the packaging is gorgeous with a lovely pink and gold outer box
 and the eyeliner itself is just as gorgeous!!..As for the eyeliner itself im really impressed, the last time i  used a, as i would call it 'felt tip pen' type eyeliner was yonks ago (im looking at you playboy teal eyeliner haha), im often put off with this type of liner as it feels like im almost drawing on my face..however i absolutely love how easy it seems to apply, the colour is really dark, which i love, it dries really quick and does not budge, so thumbs up with me!!
usually when i apply eyeliner i get it wrong, and start of with a nice thin line that turns into a thick smudge of disaster :( not a pro at putting eyeliner on by any shot, and id love to perfect the 'supercat' look, but im really happy with the outcome :)

Quality- like all Soap&glory products you definitely get what you pay for!!..and it has amazing staying power
Price- i think the price of this for how good it is, the make of it, and packaging is pretty reasonable coming in at £6..not much to pay, when you can pay a fiver for a crayon liner that will last 5 mins
Packaging- like ive already mentioned the packaging is lovely and a definite selling point!!

 Have you tried the Supercat eyeliner?? or have you tried anything else from the new range??

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  1. I love Soap and Glory but haven't tried their new line yet, this liner looks fab x

  2. its really lovely :) its made me want to try some of the other products aswell now :) xx