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Sunday, 6 November 2011

MAC Whirls and Twirls review

 hello lovelies, i hope you've all had a great weekend, now im very excited to introduce to you all my new lipstick and this lovely beauty is whirls and twirls from MAC's holiday collection Glitter and Ice, when i was in Selfridge's i eyed up this lovely before the collection was released and new i had to get it, so on tuesday when this was released early online, i happily parted my pennies!!
the packaging like most mac products is gorgeous, although i think more could have been added to it!! Whirls and Twirls is a glaze so you dont get that really overly glittery look which i was worried about, the shade is very sheer and doesn't seem to look as dark as it does in the bullet..but it is a beautiful pink and versatile colour which is buildable 
on my lips its a very light pink
 Quality- like all MAC lipsticks i feel you get what you pay for, they smell yummy, have lovely colour pay off and the packaging is simple but lovely
Cost-this lippie as well as the others in the collection are £14 so a little more than the usual MAC lipstick
Being a student i dont have the pennies to part with anymore from the collection, but here's what im lusting after, and who knows maybe something will end up in my stocking ;) haha
So what have you been loving from the collection??

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  1. I love this collection, so Christmassy :) I want most of it! Can't decide what I like best, so when I have money I shall be visiting the MAC counter to have a browse :) The lipstick looks lovely and the packaging too!


  2. that looks really pretty!, i am currently looking for a colour like that!, too bad they don't sell mac anywhere near me

    wow i really like that nail polish! it looks awesome!, do you know the name of it ?, i want to see if anyone has done a NOTD with that nail polish, i would really love to see how it looks on the nails!

  3. Zoe- haha do it :)..i know right?? i just want christmas to come already with all the sparkles :) xx

    Nena- its called unconditionally fabulous!! what an amazing name?? i want it more now!! haha..really?? i never knew that i thought it was everywhere xxx

  4. they do have mac in Norway but they have it in the big cities like in Oslo which is like more than 7 hours away, but at least we got O.P.I nail polish here now but it costs a lot more here in Norway i mean it's much more expensive than in UK/US i checked it out, because i was trying to see if i could order mac from a store in Oslo or something but when i saw the price i was like O.O, i will rather buy mac and o.p.i when i go to the UK or US unless there is something so pretty that i just have to buy it

  5. My What Joy! lipstick arrived this morning! I love the silver box and white packaging, it's gorgeous xxx

  6. oo id love to see what that looks like :)..its gorgeous isint it?? it just makes me think of all things christmas xxx

  7. Wow, so lovely! Can't wait for Christmas! xx

  8. nice choice! looks lovely on you!