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Monday, 29 August 2011

Love for McQueen

 Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great bank holiday, iv'e sadly spent my whole day browsing through lovely pictures and thinking of blogging ideas!! apologies for the lack of posts lately, having a job after my second year of being a student has been a massive shock to the system ;) this is appalling but only now have i become obsessed with the great Alexander McQueen with all its skull glory ;)..i wish i had money cause just look at this little lot :)..any Dupes are welcome by me ;) 

So what do you guys think??

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  1. I love LOVE LOVE the nude heels! So pretty.

    - Marisa

  2. if money wasnt an issue i would seriously invest in it all ;) haha xx

  3. mcqueen scarfs are really nice, which show do they sell mcqueen in because i went into a shop and they had their stuff in it, but ive forgot :( xx

  4. i dont actually know ive only ever seen them on online shops :S xx