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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello lovelies, hope your all having a good start to the week so far!!..yesterday i think i found my haven ;)..i have always been a fan of all things sparkly, and i swear i must have been a magpie in my previous life so when my friend in work mentioned a local cafe where you go and make your own jewelley i jumped at the chance. The concept itself is such a lovely one, the shop is run by a very beautiful lady with a definite passion for jewelley. Me and my friend walked in to the sight of gorgeous decor and tables covered in beautiful bowls with every colour bead and design you could think of, with trees covered in necklaces and other lovely delights.

 The lovely lady showed us the many different designs we could achieve, and gave us a bowl to fill with beads to our hearts content ;) i literally could have picked and made and the bestie both decided to go for those twisty bracelets so we sat down on one of the beautiful tables and started our creations!! were set out on the table to use, but as our design was quite simple we didn't really need them, but after seeing some of the designs i would assume there quite tricky (some of the designs included watches and charm bracelets)..

.and here is my lil bracelet, i know its something i will treasure, above us on the wall was a sign saying "the best thing about memories is making them" which i think sums up this beautiful shop to a tee!!

It cost £10 altogether including the use of the studio, the materials and all the lovely beads, although its slightly more that what you may pay for jewelley, the outcome is something unique!!
for a first attempt i love my bracelet :), has anyone else found a similar idea??

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