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Monday, 19 September 2011

St Moriz Mousse

Hello lovelies, so its the end of our so called summer and i sadly have no tan to show for the small amount of hot weather we have had ;), so i thought a bit of self tan would brighten up my rather white looking skin (boohoo haha) i seriously think i am the only person who cannot tan whether it be sitting in the garden, sunning myself on the beach or even just using a gradual or instant self tan, yes that's right i cannot even get self tan right :S...most of the summer i have been using Lauren Goodger's, Lauren's Way tanning lotion and although the massive hype around it, i just cant seem to get along with it, yeah okay i have a lovely tan when applied but after showering 6 or 7 hours after it has developed (or in the morning) im left with, well no tan at all, not the golden tan everyone seems to talk about (please anyone who may know where im going wrong advice would be wonderful haha), tbh it would be my go to going out tan but not for every day use!!

Anyway i decided to go for something else, from reading the hype about St Moriz i decided to take a trip down to savers to pick up the £3 bottle (hell if it doesn't work its not the end of the world right??)..i applied St Moriz last night, and well i absolutely loved it, the mousse was so easy to apply, infact its practically foolproof (no doubt why it worked for me haha), and i was left with an instantly lovely tan, as it began to develop it produced a lovely natural golden colour, and after a shower i still have a lovely golden glow!!

hallelujah i finally think i have found my HG tanner, after many many different bottles, brands, and price ranges haha

Pros- the smell isint that off putting like many, i much prefer the mild biscuity smell of this, to the quite strong smell of many others
its practically fool proof (believe me this sentence is coming from an idiot when it comes to tanning)
its about £3 a bottle, so if it doesn't work its not the end of the world, also for such a small price its such high quality 

Cons- i haven't really had this on long enough to judge, but i know my friends who wear it religiously have complained about it scaling after about three days (not really a look you want)
i decided to buy the normal one to be on the safe side, however to have that stronger colour i think i would purchase the darker one next time :)

So what do you guys think of St Moriz??
Whats your faviourite self tanner??, and are there anymore foolproof products out their ;)??

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  1. I love St Moriz!! I'm quite pale and it doesn't make me look orange, and like you say it doesn't smell really strong :)
    The Superdrug own brand instant tanner is nice as well xx

  2. ooo thankyou lovely il have to try that one :) xx