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Monday, 6 June 2011

Laurens definately the way!!

hello lovelies hope your all good and enjoying your Monday!!

Now i have actually got around to doing my post on Lauren Goodger's new product. Its safe to say that i gave into the hype and purchased this beauty. Im slightly cynical when it comes to fake tan because nothing ever seems to work, but after my friend hyped about it on twitter i thought i would give it a chance. 

However i am absolutely in love with this product, i picked the lotion just to be safe. usually using gradual tans you cannot really see how much of the product your putting on, however with Laurensway theres a subtle instant tan ( although beware it looks slightly scary and black when it comes out of the tube). I think i had it on about an hour or two and i began to form a really lovely bronzed glow, it wasn't orange at all which i was worried about it was just a really nice holiday glow.

Picture off Laurens Facebook page
Pros- Its really easy to put on, i just used a hand mitt to apply 
         It smells really nice, an almost cucumber smell, and it didn't seem to have that usual fake tan smell

Cons- It didn't really last that long, the next day i showered and i was surrounded by green (yes green) water :S, hence why i sadly have no picture for you lovelies 
the other con was not so much the product but delivery, at a steep £5 delivery charge i expected it to be quite efficient a day or two later my item had been dispatched which was all good however well over a week later there was still no show, so i emailed them to be told that they would dispatch it in first class (so whether they had originally dispatched it at all i dont know) ...luckily it then arrived about two days later, so i kind of have mixed views on that one, but customer service we really polite and helpful.

Altogether i was really pleased with the outcome of the tan itself and i will definately be using it again, sorry for the lack of a photo i shall try to do another post when i get round to applying it again!!

Has anyone else tried Laurensway?? also does anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper alternative i could try??

Thanks for reading my Rambles 

Soph x

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  1. I still can't make up my mind to try or not!
    The green water sounds a little scary haha x