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Monday, 6 June 2011

30 Day challenge..Day 3 to 7

hello lovelies, sorry for the second post today, had a hectic week so my posts are a bit all over the place :( so i decided to do days 3 to 7 together as i haven't got around to doing them each day

so on to the questions 3. your favourite headband

okay so im not really a fan of headbands, the reason being they never seem to look right on me :S so any suggestions on making them look good would be much appreciated :)..i have spotted a few i like on asos, but im more of a flower girl and now its coming up to summer il no doubt have flowers in my hair again, my faviourite has to be a pink orchard from accessorize

4. Faviourite foundation
I really flit from one foundation to the next, my current faviourite would have to be my Mac Studio Fix fluid in nc44, im also loving Loreal's roll on true match however for the price it doesn't usually last to long. however saying this my ultimate faviourite foundation is probably maybellines dream matte mousse, i love the texture and its a foundation that lasts all day with a really good coverage.

5. your faviourite thing to do
I think my faviourite thing to do would no doubt be going to the beach with my boyfriend and my friends, im really lucky to have one down the road from me :)..

6. Faviourite Perfume
this definately has to be dkny in be delicious, I was given it as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and what an awesome choice, it smells of apples and it also has a floral scent to it, ive used it practically every day and i still have quite alot of it left 

7. your faviourite Animal
My faviourite animal without a doubt is a cat, I have two cats of my own Bill and Ben and my boyfriend has just had a kitten Bella, they are just really friendly creatures, and my boys in particular have quite human characteristics about them haha 
My boys :) 

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x 

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  1. ah i love that perfume...
    cute cats too :)

    thanks for following. i'm following you now too!