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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 8 & my NOTD

hello lovelies i hope you all enjoy your tuesday, so my question for day 8 is a photo that makes me laugh and here it is

I have loads of photos that make me laugh but i think this is one of my faviourite, its me and my friend Ben rocking out to something at the sixth form ball (2009), i think i love it so much because we didn't realise it was being taken, i have another faviourite from the same night of me, my friend and an old teacher i had in school, we kept on taking photos and failing so he decided that we needed to have a confused look photo (believe me its brill but i dont think he would appreciate it on here) 

So on to my nail of the day!!
i recently bought Models Own Pearly queen as i wanted to try something subtle compared to my usually bright nails.

Its a really lovely as the name says pearly colour however i felt like it was a bit to plain for my liking so i decided to do a French manicure with pearly queen as a top coat and here it is:

I dont think my pictures do the colour of pearly queen justice

With modelsown i also used maybeline colorama in french white and ballerina, usually if i do a manicure my nails dont last and chip really easily, however as all modelsown polishes the polish just stays and i have had this for four days now with next to no chips :)

Anyone else tried Pearly queen?? anymore modelsown colours anyone suggests??

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. ooh your nails look really gorgeous! i don't actually have any model's own nail varnishes myself but i always have a nosey when i'm on one of my boots sprees and i want 'bloo blue' (i think that's what its called!) :) xoxo

  2. aww thankyou :) its so worth it, oo i know the one, i did a notd recently on it if you wanted to look at it :) thats for your comment lovely xxx

  3. I agree your nails look lovely... really well done! I tend to find that whenever I do a french manicure it chips off really easily - I think it might be the nail varnish I use.
    I am following your blog as I like it :) Check out my blog
    hope you follow back xxxx

  4. aww thankyou :) i think im gonna try u
    sing modelsown again cause my nails are still going strong :) i shall check it out xx