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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

OPI ..Ahoy me Hearties

Hello Lovelies
hot pirates **cough**Jack Sparrow...Disney, mermaids, some of the lovely images conjured up when i think of Pirates of the Caribbean, now OPI as most of you probably know have added to the mix, in the form of 7 lovely shades.

So i willingly invested in the minis Kit, although i shall no doubt invest in the other three!!..the set includes planks a lot, sparrow me the drama, skull and glossbones and strangers tide

these are four really lovely pastel colours, skull and glossbones and strangers tide are slightly similar in colour but i dont think my camera has done these colours justice. Planks a lot is a lovely lilac purple, and sparrow me the drama a lovely pink..but the special thing about these little polishes is definately the other two, strangers tide is like a funny greeny/grey colour i just love it and skull and glossbones a slate grey...okay so there not overly unusual to any other polish but as a set i think the four just work really well together :) 

As for application i needed two coats for my own personal taste, as i like it quite thick, but one will do, i didn't need a top coat either as i liked the finished effect...also you cant go wrong with the packaging (i think il sadly hold on to mine haha)

And to the three i sadly dont own, if there are half good as the others they are DEFINATELY worth getting!!

Anyone else tried these beauties??
Any other good OPI sets??

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  1. I purchased this set and I'm completely in love with it:)

    The shades are gorgeous xxxx

  2. so lucky! i am hoping that the pirate's of the caribbean collection comes here where i live , because i really want the stranger tides nail polish <3

  3. aww nena, if you have amazon thats where i got mine from :)xx

    Laura, there really lovely arent they :) xx

  4. I have not tried OPI yet but I hear only good things about them! I am in need of a new nail varnish at the moment (I am one of those people who has one nail varnish at a time,only when it has run out will I invest in another colour)!

    You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all of the luck in the world (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  5. i wish i had your will power :), it was my first encounter with OPI and i love them..aww thankyou so much it means a lot to me :) xx

  6. I wish I could try these. Theyre a bit too pricey for me :( They look super cute though! xx