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Thursday, 15 December 2011

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well and feeling the festive spirit!! im finally uni free and home for Christmas, even if i do have to spend countless hours on my dissertation!! so i have a bit of free time to do some posts :) in no way at all am i a makeup snob in any way, my love of makeup has come from drug store brands namely Barry m and rimmel, but i do like to dabble in high end brands from time to ever growing love has definitely been MAC lipsticks, i know some dont but i love the packaging, the smell and everything about the lipsticks and i feel quite special when i get to part my well earned pennies (more like pounds) with them. So i thought id introduce you to my MAC lipstick collection!! by no means am i bragging WHATSOEVER..i love reading collection posts and thought you might like mine :S
 So here they are from L-R (im missing one cause my handbag in uni posses it haha) Show Orchid Amplified, Pervette Glaze, Bombshell frost, cremecup cremesheen, whirls and twirls glaze, Hibiscus cremesheen, viva glam gaga 2 amplified, Saint Germain amplified

Are you a MAC lipstick addict?? if you've done a post on your collection, send me a link id love to see them :)

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  1. I love MAC lipsticks xx I think Bombshell is going to my wishlist :) gorgeous colour xx

    1. their definitely my weak spot, oh bombshell is definitely worth being placed on a wishlist :) xx