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Sunday, 4 December 2011

November Faviourites

 Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great start to December!! i seriously haven't done a monthly faviourites in what feels like forever!! i just seemed to plan to do it to late, and my faviourites hadn't really here's my November faves!!
 1. a bit of a random one, but something i have not been able to live without this month is definitely skin has been really bad lately, i dont know whether its the weather, or the change in water when im to and from home and uni (it seriously plays havoc with my skin) so this has been a life saver!!..i apply a little bit on my face before i got to bed, and in the morning my spots look better!! for around £2 you get such a big pot so its definitely worth it!!
 2. Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation NW20
i seriously could not be happier with this!! i mentioned it a while back during a Mac haul, and this little beauty has been by my side ever since. a little definitely goes a long way, it doesn't feel cakey, and its easily buildable!! compared to other mac foundations it also smells quite nice (i think its the SPF)..i have literally used this for the past 2-3 months and there still seems to be quite a lot in the tube so it will hopefully last me a while to come!!
 3. Bambi Sugared Fig perfume- aah i completely regret not buying another of these now, it smells so so yummy but gets used up quite quickly, its such a fresh, sweet scent, perfect for every day use

4.Mac Prep & Prime- i have been using this along side my studio sculpt foundation!! it smells really lovely and leaves my skin feeling smooth!! i dont know if it really prolongs the length of time my foundation lasts but it stops me from coming out in spots, as ive noticed using the foundation alone does!! only meh about it, it that you dont know how much is left in the bottle :(
 5 & 6- i literally have not stopped wearing these lippies..the first is Mac's creme de le Femme, and the other is the limited edition whirls and twirls glitter and ice collection..creme de le Femme is just a lovely soft pink and a really wearable colour!! whereas whirls and twirls is a very sheer glittery look!! both perfect for every day use!!

So what have you been loving this month??

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  1. Great post :)

    I LOVE my Bambi perfume, but barely use it because I don't want it to run out! I wish I got more too!!

    and I tried to purchase some MAC Whirls and Twirls whilst in Birmingham and was told it had sold out :( So gutted as that was what I wanted to get with my redeemable £10 towards it from Selfridges event! Got one of the eyeshadows instead.

  2. Awesome favorites! That Bambi perfume looks adorable!

  3. zoe- i know exactly what you mean haha i use the smallest of sprays with it haha...ah no, i love Mac but i hate it when you really want something and its just sold out :( i wanted the sparkly polish!! but it sounds like you bought a good substitute :) xx

    LauraJean- thaaaanks xx