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Friday, 16 December 2011

A Naughty Revlon Haul

 Hello lovelies hope your all beginning to think that boots is just a massive trap for me, whenever im in there something always catches my eye this time being revlons lipstick in skyline pink, i know i know i really dont need another lipstick but their becoming a massive addiction to me, aswell as the fact that i have swatched this so many times before and resisted!!..i noticed that if you spend £15 on Revlon goodies you got a free treat "little box of glamour" i got a lip gloss to go alongside the lipstick in crystal lilac.
 Sky line Pink is a lovely frost, a simple but none the less gorgeous pink, im planning on wearing this alot over Christmas!!
 Crystal Lilac is also a lovely shade and goes with skyline pink really not usually a fan of lipglosses because i always find them somewhat sticky but this is really nice
 So onto the freebies, im actually really pleased with these, usually its just tiny little testers in shades il never use but it contains a full size polish in gold coin, a reasonable size lip gloss in coral reef and a full size mascara in blackest black
 i always research buying mascaras alot cause i seem to be quite fussy, i still haven't found the perfect mascara which doesn't clump my lashes together, but im looking forward to trying this, i really like the size of the wand and it does not seem to have excess product on it, so this is a good start ;)
 im really excited about using the polish, after using facets of fuchsia i have high hopes for this, and it looks a lovely christmassy colour. as for the lip gloss coral reef isint a colour i would usually go for but il give it a go!!

have you tried any of these products??

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  1. I have the mascara, it doesn't give really dramatic looking lashes but it is still really good :)

  2. :) ive tried it today and i really like it so far!! it hasn't made my lashes clumpy so its a good start :) xx

  3. I love the sky line pink! such a pretty color.. where did you get the freebies at?

  4. wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
    Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

  5. wooowwww I really love revlon mascara and lipstick! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on fb!) have a wonderful day… keep in touch

  6. I love the colour of that lipstick and the freebies are pretty amazing too - like you said, I'm surprised they're full size and in nice colours! I may need to check this out =) Gem xx

  7. do it, im really happy with them, their the best freebies iv'e had in a long while, and i actually really like the mascara!! :) xx

  8. tamara- aww thankyou very much :) xx

    keep in touch with fashion- they are definitely a hit with me, thanks for the comment xx

  9. I love the nail polish color it's so pretty and so is the crystal lilac shade! Also, I just discovered your blog and I love it : )! Definitely, following!

  10. its such a christmassy colour, aww thank you so much im glad you like it :) xx