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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An overdue weekly update ;)

Hello Lovelies, hope your all having a great start to the week :)..So here's what iv'e been up to....

Please ignore the minging feet :S..ive been sporting this lovely nail art this week, which everyone has complemented me for..the best bit is this is down to the boyfriends handy work, and its safe to say im pretty impressed, what do you think??

i had a really short holiday away with my boyfriend and our friends, it was nice just to get away and have a laugh, we went to Borth in north Wales, it was a bit of a drinking weekend but it was nice chilling in the pool and having a catch up :)..i also had a lovely and well overdue shopping spree in Cardiff with Tim :)

Day 27- Favourite Skincare product 
I recently purchased Witch's naturally clear concealer, its meant to conceal (duh) whilst fighting blemishes, which it has definitely been doing, my skin has been so much clearer and for £2 you cannot really go wrong, im also loving their cleansing and toning wipes, these are definite favourites :)

Day 28- favourite drink
im obsessed with coke at the moment (dont worry i mean the drink haha) its not really the best thing to be constantly drinking but i just cant get enough of it :S

Day 29- Favourite photo of myself and a friend
its shockingly three years ago yesterday that i went to romania with some of my closest friends so i had to incorporate the photos into the challenge question, more often than not if im down or missing my friends from home i always always look at these photos and they never fail to put a smile on my face, the two weeks i spent in Romania were just amazing, for those who don't know i went their to help finish a school for poor and gypsy communities :)

last but definately not least, RIP Amy Winehouse, an extremely talented singer, most of my teenage years were spent listening to her music, its sad to think she was taken away so soon when she still had so much more to give!!

So What have you been up to??

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  1. Ace nail art! I couldn't do that, I don't have enough patience :) xxx