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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Trip to Primark, need i say more?

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a good weekend!!, had a very lovely day spent shopping in Cardiff with the boyfriend..because there isint a primark anywhere near me :(, good old primarni ( as the bestie calls it) was first on my list, although i had some really lovely finds, i sadly didnt get the opportunity to look at the clothes and what not, as in good old primark style it was absolutely packed with the usual inconsiderates that never move out of the way lol, and everything was thrown over one thing or another (and breathe), but heres my bargains :)
First up is this lovely ring, although iv'e seen a few people sporting this gem i wasnt expecting to see it let alone to get it on the sale, at a £1 this was a total bargain

next up was this lovely anklet also on the sale for bargain 

when i saw this i had to get it, i have a similar one from hollisters but in different colours, so i shall definately get the wear out of this, this was also another bargain at £3

ahh i just love these for £1.50 i couldnt leave them behind ;)

lovely leaf knecklace, £1 on the sale

i dont know if these will work but they appealed to my accident prone self, everytime i wear a new outfit, i more often that not mamage to spill or throw something over it, so i thought these might be handy, for a £1 there worth a try

and finally an umbrella, i know i know i dont need it with this lovely weather, but living in good ole wales, theres always a few showers that will catch me out ;)

i also got some underwear but i don't think you lovely bloggers need to see my socks and knickers ;)

So have you found any bargains lately?? 

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  1. You got some great bargains there! Love the belt! So so cute x

  2. I absolutely love the ring! So cute :)

  3. you got some great bargains, I love the ring in the first picture and the pearlesque beaded bracelet

  4. I love the belt - I'll definitely look out for it when I next go! :)

  5. thanks for the comments girlies :) xx