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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 23 and my first attempt at nail art :S

hello lovelies, so after seeing lots of tutorials on nail art and after buying the models own nail art pen i decided to give it a go,i decided to do the whole statement nail, and went for the leopard print look
So my main colour is OPI's rumples wiggins, i also used models own bubblegum, top turquoise and Lilac dream, i created the dots by using a little eye shadow applicator and then i drew little squiggles around each spot with the nail art pen, im quite happy with the result, and its safe to say i think i have the nail art bug.

Now onto the 30 Day challenge, iv'e been really rubbish at doing these questions everyday :S , so my question is a place i'd love to live. this is really simple, iv'e always wanted to live in Cardiff, ever since i was little its somewhere iv'e always gone on big family days out, birthdays and now me and my boyfriend go for overnight stays there..i dont know what it is about it, its just a really lovely dream would be to have one of the amazing apartments on the bay (a girl can dream haha).

So where would you love to live??
also anyone have any ideas for more nail art designs??

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  1. wow love the nails <3 , i really suck at doing nail art haha it always comes out soo messy, but yours looks really good!

  2. Love u attempt at nail art, it really cute, check out my blog I experiment with nail art all the time xxx

  3. Great 1st attempt at nail art. they look very pretty


  4. Amazing first attempt! They look great :)
    I'd want to live in Prague.. ah <3

  5. Adorable! I love that it stands out from the rest - I've been seeing this a lot lately, but this is such a cute look & I love the colors you chose to use :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  6. You have an awesome blog... Love the nails!!!

    I'm a new follower... I'd love it if you follow back <3

  7. Wow love the nails :) I love Cardiff too, may end up going to Uni there x

  8. Awesome first attempt at nail art!! I love the colours they are sooo cute.

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.