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Friday, 29 July 2011

July Faviourites

Hello lovelies, wow is it really the end of July already?? summer is going way to quick for my liking ;) here's what i have been loving this month

1) first up is Mac's Fix+ although i haven't had it the full month its definately a faviourite, with all the hot weather i was fed up of my makeup just melting off my face, and this has definately been doing the trick of keeping it all put aswell as being refreshing.
2) next up is Nars Orgasm, literally i cant get enough of blushers lately, and this month i have found myself constantly coming back to it, something people dont like the glitter in it, but in this lovely summery weather i think its perfect.
3) i couldnt be without my elf eyebrow kit, this will be a definite repurchase when it runs out 
4) i recently mentioned this witch concealer stick, its bloody awesome, it does a good job of concealing my spots and pink cheeks, ive been using this alongside my confessions of a concealholic

5. L'Oreal elvive nutri gloss shampoo, i originally purchased this just because it was on offer but i cant be without it now, i really suffer from my hair getting greasy so quickly, with everything else ive tried i have to wash my hair every day, but with this its every other and it smells yummy, so a hit with me.
6.Good things five minute facial face mask- i think i use this more than its meant to be used but i love it, it smells ridiculously yummy and it leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh, my skin has also been alot clearer after using this.
7. OPI's rumples wiggins has definately replaced my MAC Ocean Dip, i just cant get enough of this lovely lilac!!
8. Last but not least my Urban Decay Naked Palette, i dont think i need to say more ;).

So what have you been loving this month??

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  1. Great choice of favourites. Personally I love the sparkle in NARS orgasm xx

  2. Great favourites lovely! love love love the nail varnish! xxx

  3. I really love Nars Orgasm, it's so gorgeous xxx

  4. Fab choices, I love Rumples Wiggins too, its gorgeous, I always forget to use my Fix + , I must remember lol

  5. Tamsin- i think theres just something lovely about the glittery bits :) xx

    makeupblogger- thanks lovely xx

    Amy-i cant be without it, id love to try others though :) xx

    Claire- you have to my makeup manages to stay through loads with it haha :) xx

  6. NARS Orgasm is a summer staple this year, I like my Fix+ too.:D

    ***** Marie ******