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Sunday, 16 October 2011

OPI.. Muppet's review

Hello lovelies,So if you were to put OPI polishes, lots of glitter and THE MUPPET'S together, what not to love??.. so you can imagine the excitement i had yesterday when i was mooching around Sally's and spotted this little set from the new Muppet's collection..aswell as this there were also a lot of the single polishes from the collection including rainbow connection which i think il have to invest in (think a glitter explosion/deborah lippmann's Happy Birthday)

(please excuse the poor quality photos, im getting used to using my naff little camera, and having to deal with poor lighting in my lil uni room)

So here the lovelies are!! i haven't yet used better! or Warm and Fozzie but they look such lovely colours i hope they dont let me down (expect to see them in a NOTD at some point!!)

However i am currently sporting Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! (dont you just love the names)
Wocka Wocka! is a really lovely red with a slight pink sheen to it, and i love it paired with Excuse Moi! aswell as being just the average glittery polish Excuse Moi has bigger bits of coloured glitter in it, which i think makes it that extra bit special..i wouldn't say any of these polishes are unique colours, but together they are a perfect little set for the winter season!!

 Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! with flash

In natural light

So what do you guys think of the new collection?? will any of you be investing in some Muppet's fun?? haha

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  1. I love the look of these! I think 'Warm & Fozzie' is the one i'd most want to try! x

  2. I just ordered this set today, so excited to get my hands on it :-)

  3. Sarah- it looks lovely doesnt it?? xx

    Claire- aww you will love them cant go wrong with an OPI collection ;) xx

  4. I adore this collection! I need to add it to my Christmas list. X