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Friday, 14 October 2011

HELP!!! Ethical Businesses

hello lovelies, hope your all having a great week, now this is a bit of a random kind of post but i thought seeing as though all you girlies love fashion and beauty that you would be able to help me!!

some of you may not know but I study philosophy and ethics at university and as part of one of my assignments for my final year i have to do a project, and i  have chosen mine on ethical as part of my research process what id love to hear from you guys is whether or not you take into consideration where your clothes and makeup come from??

Vivienne Westwood ethical Africa bag link

  •  would it matter to you if a product was made through slave trade or unethical sweat shops??
  • would you think about a brand differently if you realised that they refused to sign the ethical trading initiative??
  •  do you avoid unethical companies and also do you think brands such as lush (which produce items which try to help the environment) and The concept of back to Mac encourages people to think about recycling and also what may be put into products!!!
  • also have you heard of any concepts that are great for helping the environment and creating more ethical businesses?? 

sorry for the list of questions but seriously guys any comments would be great :)

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  1. I do care about how the people who make my clothing, makeup and everyday products are treated and when I had a decent amount of money coming in I did make a conscious effort to buy ethically. Now that I don't have much money I am finding it harder to do so and I don't like it but it sometimes feels like it is the only option I have. I think maybe we need to educate consumers to opt for quality over quantity, so rather than buying cheap clothes from Primark, invest in a good quality item that will last! Sorry for the essay! x

  2. thanks for your comment lovely, i totally agree with you, surely its better to buy a top thats been made well and the people have been treated ethically, rather than a badly made top which has been made in unethical surroundings!!..the problem is that many of the ethical products are to expensive...thanks i really appreciate your thoughts :) xx