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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bambi for H&M

hey lovelies, now dont get me wrong i have always loved H&M but on the usual visit ive never particularly payed much attention towards the cosmetics bit as nothings ever really caught my attention or made me go WOW!! however being a lover of all things Disney especially Bambi,  for once the cosmetics section caught my eye with this lovely little collection..the Bambi collection includes two nail polishes, two makeup bags, a perfume and a lip balm..theres something really delicate about the designs that just drew me in (each item has a subtle picture of thumper and bambi on the ice, I LOVE THUMPER haha)..

So the items i picked up were the makeup bag, the polish 'on ice', the perfume, aswell as the lip balm  which is currently floating around my handbag somewhere (if you were wondering the little thumper is actually from the Disney store)

Nail Polish 'on ice'- the best way to describe this polish is a slate green colour, its such a light colour but i love it, infact it looks slightly baby blue in the light, i haven't yet used the polish so i cannot comment on the quality of the polish but for £1.99 i cant really complain either way, this also comes in a nude colour (which il no doubt go back for)

i absolutely love the makeup bag its so simple yet so lovely, i love the ruffles along the top aswell as the lovely prints, it is a perfect size to fit all my everyday makeup essentials, so one happy sophie, this also comes in a baby pink colour, this was about £2.99 i think, BARGAIN
now onto my faviourite the Sugared Fig Eau De toilette, this is such a lovely sweet girly scent, however its not an overpowering smell, i just cant get enough of it, i keep on smelling it all the time aswell as pushing it in the boyfriends face to smell really reminds me of something but i cant put my finger on it, if you like sweet, fresh smells then totally get this, for £3.99 you cannot go wrong..i dont know how long this collection will be out for (whether its permanent or not) i think i might be stocking up on a few of these!!

So what do you guys think?? are you a sucker for all things Disney??

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  1. wow wow wow! Definitely going to H&M tomorrow.
    Love the makeup bag, I neeed it lol.
    Thanks for sharing beaut :) xx

  2. I bought a bambi locket out of the kiddies section for £1.99 & its gorgeous. My rabbits names Bambi so I love everything about this post! So cute & cheap too. Great post beautiful.

  3. I love that make up bag! The colour of the nail polish sounds lovely too!

  4. Aww wow, I really need to go to H&M at the weekend, I LOVE Bambie too. The make-up bag is gorgeous :) xxx

  5. Kirsty- no problem lovely :) xx

    aww amy i nearly bought that aswell haha, oh wow im jealous id love a rabbit named thumper :)..thanks lovely lady xx

    Sarah- i think the makeup bag is a hit!! thaaanks xx

    Sweetaholic Rachel- bambi is the best, go on do it ;) haha xx

  6. i will surely be going to get this, ASAP!! x

  7. awhhh the bag is soooo cute! :)

  8. Do you know anywhere where it can still be found? I'm trying to look for it