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Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Fairytale..

Its fair to say that i was up at 9 this morning eagerly waiting with my mum to see what Kate's dress looked like, and by all means it was absolutely beautiful.

and as for her sister pippa, well wow she looked absolutely stunning next to her, my brother even grumbled a few times that she was 'hot' and that her dress was 'lovely'.

 Victoria Beckham looked lovely as always, as did Kate's mother, however did you see some of the disasters??

I had high hopes for Chelsy's outfit, expecting something stylish she looked more like she had raided Camilla's wardrobe for inspiration.

Really?? what was she thinking, i didn't realize antlers were in this season :S

Anyway moving on to all things magical, the ceremony was beautiful and as for the kiss on the balcony it was just lovely

Thanks for reading my Rambles
Soph x

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