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Monday, 2 September 2013

A Hint Of Primping

So in the four years I have been with Tim, he has been succumbed to countless hours of beauty chit chat, a copious amount of time staring at makeup counters "that all look the same", and mad trolley dashes abroad around one too many Sephora's, Duane Reade's and French Pharmacies. Some would say he has the patience of a saint (my mother in particular), but four years on and he can now easily identify the products I spend far too much time applying on a daily basis. Along with the many excuses I give for needing said items in my routine.

However this being said my lovely boyfriend is well known for spending one too many minutes primping himself too. Whether it be indulging in some quiet time in the bath (usually with one of my Lush bath bombs I may add), or spending a considerable amount of time infront of the mirror preening himself which can usually be deciphered by the wonderful waft of Hugo Boss Day that lingers throughout the house (mmmmm). 

After one of his hour long primping sessions, I couldn't resist asking him to spill the contents of his beloved Quicksilver washbag. The comments that ensued were just too funny not to share with you all. 
So here it is, Tims reasonings behind the items in his Washbag, enjoy!!

 Hugo Boss Eau De Toilette & After Shave Balm 
"Anything that gets me one step closer to becoming Ryan Reynolds is worth a try right?! haha"

Nivea Face Wash 
"cheap and cheerful"

Lynx Body Scrubber 
"a lover of anything novelty, I bought this for the sole reason that it was branded with the Lynx logo"

Tango body wash 
"it smells like apples, and cost the grand total of a quid, what more can I say?!"

Lynx Apollo
"cause every man wants to feel like an astronaut, and the fact that it was part of a 4 for £5 offer helped" 

Garnier Fructis Style Manga Head 
"theres nothing better than sexy hair, and this does the trick"

I hope this post managed to put a smile on your face!! have you ever asked your partner/brother/dad the reasons for purchasing the items in their Wash Bags?!

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  1. You have a great blog, I will follow you, I hope for reciprocity

  2. My bf literally uses so much of MY products. Its crazy! At least yours has his own. xx

    1. ah no!! you should make him get his own!! mind you saying that Tims quite fond of pinching my face masks and lush bath bombs ;) .. and dont even get me started on my brother, he'll quite happily pinch all my skincare!! xx

  3. Also, lmao at "I hope for reciprocity". What a unique way to ask!

  4. One step closer to Ryan Reynolds.. What amazing descriptions haha. Great post :)