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Saturday, 19 October 2013

FACEON Magazine

Whilst our fellow American makeup addicts have the luxury of Allure Magazine (to name but a few) to get there beauty fix, us UK obsessives are limited to pages here and there in monthly magazines. Although usually the case, I am happy to tell you that a magazine brimming with all things hair and beauty has finally touched down on british soil (along with 88 other countries, impressive eh?!) 

So ladies without further ado let me introduce you to FACEON magazine. Although targeted towards MUA's, this new page turner is perfect for getting that cosmetic fix. Now what can be better than a magazine brimming with whimsical articles, informative tutorials, beautiful photographs and the latest beauty news?! Perhaps add a free (YES FREE) Sigma Blending Brush into the equation, and you get one happy happy Sophie. I give Louise total credit for my new read (you can read her post here). 

How frequently FACEON will be released im not to sure (Issue 12 is the first to hit UK soil, and has been sitting pretty on shelves since the middle of August), what I do know is that I am already eagerly awaiting the next issue. 

FACEON is exclusive to WHSmiths and can be purchased for £5.95
What do you think of beauty based magazines?! 

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  1. thanks for tweeting me your link :) nice post!! haven't seen of this magazine before, and great that you get a sigma brush! little steep on the price maybe??? | UK Beauty Blog


    1. thank you for taking the time to check it out :) .. I agree with you on the price, although the Sigma brush makes it a little more acceptable ;) xx

  2. I am definitely going to pick this up! I get so jealous of american bloggers talking about beauty based magazines - but we have finally been treated to this! Looks great, and although its a little on the pricey side you can't complain with a free Sigma brush! much love, lauryn from xxx

    1. im so with you!! from what I can gather from they're twitter, theres another Sigma Freebie again this month :) xx