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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

GlamGlow Super Mud Treatment Mask

If I were to look in the mirror and tell my 17 year old self, that In 6 years time I would spend £40 on a face mask, I can guarantee that my younger reflection would look back in disgust, whilst muttering how a new outfit could be purchased with that kinda money. Yet here I am at 22, sat proud as punch with the latest addition to my skincare regime. I hate to say it, but I really had no qualm parting pennies (meh who am I kidding) for what I can only describe as a miracle in a pot. Yep you read that right, I have finally found that holy grail product, a skincare hero that will banish all complexion woes and tackle those pesky spots once and for all (Batman who?) So ladies and gents let me introduce you to the Bruce Wayne of face masks, also know as the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment mask. 

The GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment makes one seriously impressive statement, firstly it claims to brighten and even out the complexion whilst de clogging and minimising pores, aswell as reducing blemishes, pimples and spots without causing further breakouts.What appealed to me most about the mask was the 'see all' concept. Remember those Biore Strips back in the day, the ones that once removed revealed a multitude of sins? Well this baby kinda does the same thing. The clearing treatment is a darkish grey/black once applied, and dries to a light grey, excluding the congested areas. Thanks to the formula this miracle worker draws out oils and imperfections (yes im looking at you pesky black heads) from the skin, leaving spots visibly clearer without causing further breakouts, along with smoother and brighter looking skin. The aftermath before removal may be truly disgusting, but its somewhat satisfying at the same time.

I have been using the Super Mud Clearing Treatment Mask twice a week, for well over a month now, and I have to admit that I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin (also taking into consideration my revamped skincare routine). Unlike before I find that my foundation applies like a dream, and pesky spots are few and far between. GlamGlow claim that this 34g pot provides 17 full face applications, or 1,000 spot treatments. However if used sparingly I believe that the pot will last much longer. In a month I have made a slight dent in the product.

The Super Mud Clearing Treatment can be purchased from the likes of GlamGlow & Feel Unique for £44.99  photo sophiesignature_zpsa3420772.png

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  1. looks really awesome mask :) !! xx

  2. Replies
    1. If you can get hold of the gift set (it has a smaller tub of the original mask) its definitely worth a try :) xx