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Sunday, 15 April 2012

French Fancies

 Hello lovelies, i hope your all well!! apologies for the lack of posts, my final deadlines for uni are growing extremely close so it doesn't give much time for anything but reading and stressing over the dissertation, but seeing as though ive given myself a day off ive taken the time to write a few posts!..My skin at the present time due to stress has been completely all over the place, and my current skincare routine just isint working for me anymore, so ive decided to invest in some new products. With all the hype going around the YouTube and blogosphere, its not surprising that i would finally cave in and invest in these two french gems ( i think my skin deserves something fancy with all this uni stress ha). 
iv'e only literally road tested these items twice so by no means can review them but so far so good. Bioderma is a makeup remover and cleansing solution. With no scent and gentle ingredients, this solution is said to be kind to the skin, all i have to say about it so far is that it is a BRILLIANT makeup remover. I spend most evenings looking like a panda after using eye makeup remover, that does nothing but smear eyeliner and mascara across my face. This however with one swipe removes all traces of eye makeup and i can safely say i awoke this morning very fresh faced!!
Caudalie beauty elixir has been a fan with most across the blogosphere, aswell as Victoria Beckham (come on it must be good ha). Caudalie beauty elixir is said to tone the skin whilst tightening pores, with the likes of grape, orange blossom and mint aswell as a lot of other lovely ingredients its no wonder that this has a very spa like, luxurious feel to it (it literally smells like a menthol steam room, ahh bliss). i cant say if this did anything to my skin, but it left it feeling cool and refreshed, perfect for the morning. 
Have you tried any of the french skincare crazes??

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  1. no, but I'd love to!

    My blog: HYBRID HUNTER

    1. if you get the chance definitely do, im loving these products so far :) xx