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Monday, 16 July 2012

If all my makeup disappeared!!

 So whilst reading Laura's recent post not only did it make me chuckle but it got me thinking about the first ten items, if heaven forbid all my makeup disappeared. I don't have a ridiculous amount of makeup but the fair few products that I do have, I will openly admit that I will stick to the same few products on a daily basis and my choices don't tend to vary. As Laura suggested this kinda post really makes you think about the products that are perhaps your holy grail and cant live without items. 

1. MAC studio sculpt foundation- i have raved about this on more than one occasion, a perfect foundation that stays put all day

2. Sleek blush (rose gold)- since I managed to get my paws on this gold dust item (and I can see why so), I have hardly touched any other blush, a gorgeous peach toned shimmery number this can be lightly applied for a subtle look, or can be applied a little heavier to create a more dramatic look. 

3.MAC refined golden bronzer- the perfect shade for contouring or for those days I fancy a change from applying blush. 
4.Bobbi brown long wear gel liner- I purchased this on my recent trip to new York, as I was fed up of liquid liner. a creamy formula, this black as black liner not only makes it easier to create a winged look, but it also doesn't budge all day. 
5. Collection 2000 long lasting concealer- apart from the teensy gripe in that all the writing rubs off the packaging, this is the best concealer I have managed to get my mitts on, with its creamy formula and brilliant coverage this baby beats the likes of MACs studio sculpt concealer hands down, and does so at a fraction of the price. 

6. real techniques stippling brush- this beauty can be used for a multitude of things, from applying foundation and concealer, to blush and bronzer, i along with no doubt alot of others have a soft spot for this brush, super soft, hassle free and easy to clean, what's not to love 

7. urban decay naked palette- I think this choice is pretty self explanatory, eyeshadow palettes have come and gone, but this one has always stayed a firm favourite, which is somewhat evident by the usage shown in the picture above, super soft, super pigmented and with enough matte and shimmer shades to create an abundance of looks. 

8. Bobbi brown extreme party mascara- one thing that has been clear since blogging and by the range that have been shown on my blog is the fickleness I have towards mascaras, this is the current mascara that I would definitely pick up first, this mascara defines my eyes by adding volume and length to my lashes

9. MUA clear mascara- this is perfect for keeping my unruly eyebrows at bay, and for £1 it would definitely be one of the first items id purchase if my beloved makeup were to disappear 

10. Chanel Jalousie Glossimer- lipstick has always been a daily addition to my makeup routine, completing the final touches of my look, however never before has a lip-gloss made the grade, with the idea of poor colour pay off and uber sticky lips. However Chanel's Jalousie has changed all of this, highly pigmented, brilliant colour pay off and completely colour free this baby would be the first lip product that I would purchase.

What items would you repurchase if your makeup disappeared??

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  1. Brilliant post lovely :)
    You've chosen some great things, that, now I think I must purchase :)


    1. thanks for the inspiration :)..haha sorry about that ;) xx

  2. Great post! I ordered the rose gold blush the other day so can't wait to give it a try. I also think I need the mua mascara, my brows are horrific!


    1. thanks lovely, for about a fiver between the two products you cant beat them :) xx

  3. geeeze, girly! we are so makeup-similar!
    i use the naked palette, bobbi brown gel liner, real techniques stippling brush, and the sleek blush (it's SO amazing!)
    i always love looking at the similarities i share with other bloggers, ha ha :)


    1. aha great minds think alike, and you definitely have great taste ;) aha xx