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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Birchbox UK..first impressions

 A big hit with 300,000 beauty addicts worldwide, the New York based beauty subscription service Birchbox has decided to touch down on British soil, and take over what was formerly known as Joliebox.Like various other beauty subscriptions out there, Birchbox aim to offer 4-5 deluxe samples each month, catering to subscribers beauty profiles. 

With my one and only experience of Beauty boxes leaving a sour taste in my mouth (here's looking at you Harrods glossybox), I was hesitant about trying another subscription service, but now a graduate with a more disposable income (unlike when I signed up to glossybox), and a growing desire to try new things, I decided to bite the bullet and give beauty boxes a second chance.
If this months box is a preview of whats to come then I will happily say that I have made the right decision. (best of all there was not one single perfume sample in sight hooraaah)

Lets see whats in my box

 Fresh sugar rose lip treatment 2.2g 

What they say: "beauty editors love this delicious treatment, which keeps lips flake-free and soft"
My thoughts:  At a whopping £15.50, and a hard to find item in the UK, This months box is worth it for this product alone!! After receiving the sephora fresh duo way back in June I have become totally smitten with this lip treatment (and the brand in general), so much so that it featured in my 2012 faviourites. This beauty smells amazing (I would say it has a more sweet, lemon scent rather than a rose one) and is extremely moisturizing.
What they say: "save precious time with this dual-phase mist: the top layer detangles and softens hair, while the bottom layer helps it dry faster"
My thoughts: If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll be aware of my sheer laziness when it comes to haircare, this being the case a product claiming to reduce drying time, is a very welcome addition. Fingers crossed it works.

Reverence de Bastien (Ungent for nail & Cuticles) FULL SIZE

What they say: "Apply this french brands argan and vitamin-rich treatment to your nails between manis to keep them healthy"
My thoughts: After seeing sneak peeks of various other boxes containing miniature moisturizers (something I have a plenty of) I was excited to see a full sized sample of the reverence de Bastien Ungent for nail and cuticles. With hints of red berries, this smells absolutely amazing. It leaves nails and surrounding skin feeling really smooth, although it is somewhat oily/ greasy once applied, which is probably due to argan oil being an ingredient.

Wei (royal Ming firming and hydrating cream)

What they say: "Inspired by 600-year-old recipe used by Chinese courtesans, this supercharged cream contains 18 herbs to address all the signs of skin ageing" 
my thoughts: Iv'e not really heared much about this brand, but with the full size tube costing a whopping £74 im intrigued to see what all the fuss is about!!

Lifestyle extra (I love how glossybox add this additional sample) 
Teapigs (Chamomile flowers)

What they say: "the chamomile flower is celebrated for its medicinal benefits, which include calming, soothing anxiety and aiding sleep"
my thoughts: with a developing obsession with herbal tea, Im looking forward to trying this, although I would have perhaps preferred one of the other flavours, but who knows I may love it. 

All in all I am thoroughly pleased with this months Birchbox. With 5 reasonable sized samples, including one full size product costing over £10 I really feel like iv'e received my moneys worth out of this box.
my only niggle is that the parcel in which the box arrived in, had no sticker etc for preventing someone tampering with the products inside, but apart from that im extremely happy.
 Im already looking forward to next months box!!
Have you subscribed to Birchbox? If so what were your thoughts??

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  1. oo might have to think about signing up for this! If the hair drying spray doesn't work i recommend the Lee Stafford one!
    Becky xx

    1. ooo thanks for the recommendation!! if the months to come are anything like this box then I would say its worth signing up for xx

  2. I was stuck between this and the glossybox! I can see myself subscribing to both! great post :) x

    1. thank you!! ive only had one experience with glossybox so cant comment on them!! but if every birchbox is like this one then I would definitely say its worth the subscription :) xx

  3. I've been wanting to sign up to a beauty box for a while, just having found one that I really really want yet. I need one that isn't going to have any eye or lip makeup as I just wont't use that. Maybe I should find one that is purely skincare.

    1. I know that Birchbox ask what your more interested in, and your samples are meant to be based on your preferences if thats any help??.. a skincare beauty box would be pretty amazing xx