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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Party Pigments

One of the many things I love about this time of year is the total acceptance of the over excessive use of sparkle. Out come the sequin clad dresses and heels covered in so much glitter Dorothy would be green with envy. Apart from a handbag here or a collar necklace there, I will admit im a little scared to embrace a fabulously glitzy outfit, so this Christmas to add that little touch of glamour, pigments have been my party sidekick. Used right pigments can add an extra something to a simple look (I say used right as ive seen many a girl adorning a face full of Barry Ms finest baby pink and purple pigments, resulting in a look even Barbie would struggle to pull off, ugh).

My faviourite dressy pigment would have to be MACs Blue Brown, a gorgeous blue toned bronze, its such a unique colour and a great alternative to the traditional smokey eye.
The no7 pigment (the shades unknown as it was part of a set) has just the right amount of sparkle to transform a  basic gold eye! Iv'e been using this alongside urban decay's half baked.
Finally last but not least Barry Ms Dazzle dust in DD97 is a great pigment for any night out, I originally purchased it for a Halloween look, but this lovely black shade with golden flecks has become a firm faviourite in my makeup collection.

What do you think of pigments?? Do you think they add a touch of glamour to a look?? 

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