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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Loreal Top coat confetti

Whilst sat here in a chocolate induced stooper I thought I would share with you my latest polish obsession. Lets face it speckled nails are the latest nail trend to hit the scene, and its easy to see why!!

Although Loreal's confetti top coat may leave your nails resembling a mini egg, the result, although sweet, will in no way effect your waistline (im already regretting consuming a giant cadbury egg for breakfast), and best of all is a little kinder to the bank balance compared to similar options out there, with its £4.99 price tag (kerchiiing).

Photos really do not do Loreal's confetti any justice. With just two coats applied over Ciate's vintage, confetti took a simple manicure from drab to fab, with the help of mismatched chunks of black and white glitter (aswell as  the added bonus of a hint of shimmer). Personally I think the top coat confetti would look perfect over most shades, especially nudes and greys. Applied over pastel shades Confetti has the ability to be a perfect alternative for the Illamasqua speckled polishes also creating a stir on the beauty scene. 
What do you make of the speckled trend? 
Have you tried Loreal's Top Coat Confetti?

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  1. Been wanting to try this for a while now! Looks really fun in a casual nail art way. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

    1. for the price its definitely worth a shot!! :).. I love how it looks like ive made more of a fuss than I actually have xx

  2. I love this. It's so pretty. I've been wanting to try the Illamaqua speckled nail polish far ages, but this seems like a really nice, cheaper alternative.

    Thanks for the post, hun :)
    Laura x

    1. I think it would look fab over pastel shades!! and definitely a cheaper alternative I agree :) xx