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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends" ... (Kate Spade)

I dont think this Kate Spade quote could be much truer. From a very early age I acquired a serious love for dress up, which usually involved strutting infront of my mothers mirror in her favourite red heels. Adorning a dress fit for any budding Disney princess, whilst showered in pearls given to me by my Nana to sit pretty on my beloved Fischer Price vanity (ah memories).  
That thrilling sense of excitement standing infront of a mirror as a child, head to toe in beautiful things remains still at 21!! I long for the day that I possess my own walk in wardrobe filled with rows of beautiful clothes and accessories, sitting pretty, ready for me to play dress up all day to my hearts content.
So dress up these days doesn't include looking like Cinderella's sidekick, but there is still something special about putting on a pair of sparkly heels ready for a night on the town, using my favourite lipstick in all its beautifully packaged glory, and on a daily basis picking out a piece of jewellery, to dress up a plain tee and jeans!! 
When my mum came home with this beautiful yet edgy Kate Spade arm candy, crafted in smooth leather, with gold detailing, I couldn't wait to put it on. Okay so it may be a little extravagant per-say for everyday wear, but paired alongside a gold bangle and my beloved Michael Kors watch, I feel as if im playing a little game of dress up, yet nobody but myself knows. 
Do you still love playing dress up? 

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