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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Guest Post..Embracing your unique beauty in spite of Adversity

Hey lovelies i have a different post for you today, Jackie Clark who does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance contacted me last week, about writing a guest post on my blog, i think her message is important,making people realise that everyone is uniquely beautiful, no matter what your going through, so i happily said yes...

Embracing Your Unique Beauty In Spite of Adversity

Every single woman on this planet has the desire to feel beautiful and accepted the way they are. It is a natural need that we are all born with, and all women should all embrace their uniqueness. Women should feel good in their own skin and learn how to accept the changes that their body may go through. Hopefully, every woman can learn to feel this way and realize they are beautifully different.

The changes over time that occur from pregnancy, physical disorders, diseases or injury are like a beautifully woven tapestry of your uniquely special life. One must learn to accept that each little change or "imperfection" makes them the person that they are today. Why should anyone let others tell them that are not beautiful? Be proud of who you are; no one should be ashamed of their body with its battle scars and individual characteristics.

Many have seen friends and family through the adversity of cancer, and know how the physical changes can be hard to handle. Feeling good about one's self is a very important aspect to the healing process when it comes to cancer. Something so simple as a manicure and pedicure can help a woman to embrace their new form of beauty. Lately there have been numerous reports concerning mesothelioma cancer cases from asbestos exposure, and the cancer treatment can make a woman feel as though she is losing her natural beauty. What many do not realize is that feeling beautiful with those physical changes should be a part of the treatment process because someone's emotional well being can affect their physical healing.

Even those who have never faced the adversity of cancer may struggle with loving their body due to weight problems or other physical abnormalities. This can cause depression, because of the inability to gain that "perfect" figure back. This is another time when a woman needs to learn to love their body and find ways to make themselves feel beautiful again. Going out and splurging on fancy makeup to feel pretty, along with buying some new clothes to properly fit their new body shape, can work wonders towards improving that self-image.

Every woman should be able to feel beautiful in her own skin and no longer live with self-deprecation. It is a nasty habit to belittle one's self, and needs to be stopped before it leads to depression. Anyone going through a major physical change like cancer should try embracing their unique beauty and appreciate it.

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