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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Loreal Superliner

My beloved SUPERCAT eyeliner is currently on its way out, its got to the point where its all smudgy and the nib has got to thick, so it was time to invest in yet another eyeliner, if i could bring just one item of makeup on a desert island it would definitely be eyeliner i  cannot go without it. after falling in love with the felt tip nib of SUPERCAT i decided to purchase something similar, enter Loreal Superliner. The nib of this is much thinner but i quite like it, making it easier to apply aswell as having more room to cover up mistakes ( i always seem to apply it thicker on one eye to the other ha)..the shape of the packaging is very much like a pen, making it easier to grasp, especially with the rubber top, and the colour pay off is pretty black so high marks all round, best of all this was only about £4 so a little less than soap and glory SUPERCAT.  

What makeup item could you not be without??

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  1. i could not live without my revlon mascara or my rimmel lipstick!

    happy monday! :)

    1. sounds like good choices to me :) haha xx