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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines in Instagram

Hello lovelies, i hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday whether it be with the special someone you love or even the special friends/family in your life :)..i must be honest ive never been overly fussed by the whole commercial kind of side of valentines, for the past three years for Tim and I spending time together is special as im always in uni, and we only really get weekends together so valentines to us is usually a perfect day to spend quality time together, cooking a meal and watching a film. the pair of us are really bad for surprises we always seem to spoil them so i actually got my pressie on Saturday, a beautiful mulberry charm bracelet and tim received his lostprophets tickets (i have never been so panicked trying to get presale tickets in my life ha)..we were both working yesterday (which sucked) but when Tim came to pick me up i had a massive shock, he presented me with roses, a DVD, a massive tub of tiramisu and a beautiful Disney couture bracelet, to say that i was spoilt is an understatement, i really am blessed to have an amazing best friend aswell as boyfriend ..the best bit of all?? we got a lovely evening together aswell as Tim sitting down and watching 'one day' with me kerchiing ;)..although a word of warning if you want to look like a crazy panda, dont watch this film i blubbed like a baby ha 
I hope you all had a lovely day, apologies for the lovey dovey post but its the one time that such a post is acceptable ;) pahaha 

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