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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mulberry Charm Bracelet

Hello lovelies,when i recently posted my valentines post i mentioned that my boyfriend had given me a mulberry bracelet! ive been dying to wear it but sadly there was a problem with one of the ends of the band and therefore had to be sent off for an exchange..i will be totally honest and say that Mulberry's customer service has been absolutely brilliant, they've been so helpful and have replaced the bracelet pretty its safe to say that i was excited enough to finally receive my bracelet, as was the boyfriend who had been upset at having to exchange it, but i was totally thrilled when i saw what had been added to the bag aswell as the bracelet, as part of London fashion week Mulberry added a tote bag along with other goodies, which i will sadly admit excited me alot ( i can finally say i have an alexa even if its just a picture on a tote ha) :S haha..All i have to say is thank you to my amazing boyfriend for purchasing my bracelet and a thank you to Mulberry for being so extremely helpful!!

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