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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Barbara Daly haul...

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well! I will be the first to admit that Barbara Daly is a makeup range that has never really caught my attention. For those unaware BD is a range exclusive to Tesco. Personally to me for what it is, the range has always seemed somewhat over priced, so ive blindly walked past the display time and time again. Recently in my local Tesco a bargain bin full to the brim of makeup caught my attention. whilst searching through the bin i realised it was a range of Barbara Daly makeup reduced to reasonable prices, alot of the things included lurid coloured eyeshadows which have a massive thumbs down from me but there were some hidden gems in the mix that i couldnt just leave, i mean £1.12 for a lipstick?? i would have been stupid to leave it there ;). 
i cant remember the prices of everything but the most a single item cost was about two pound, the beauts that i purchased were:
 Sheer glow natural blush 
long lash mascara in the shade brown
a lipstick in shade muse
eye shadow pen (shade unknown)
light and easy shimmering highlighter
a lip smoother 
shimmer gloss in Cuba 
i seriously swallow my tongue and preconceptions on the Barbara Daly range, i have been using the highlighter on my cheek and brow bones for the past few weeks, and i absolutely love it, each item i purchased has been a total hit, so from now on i will definitely be browsing the stand whilst *ahem* food shopping ;) haha
Have you tried anything from the Barbara Daly range??

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  1. The price was the thing that put me off at first too...(well, expensive for a Tesco brand anyway). xx

    1. totally agree, the range is alot more expensive than the brands you see in there like vivo xx

  2. Thanks for sharinf xx I need to check my local Tesco xx

    1. i hope your tesco is like mine theres still a big bargain bin of the stuff a few weeks on, it must have been the end of the collection or something :) xx

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    1. aww thankyou so much :) glad you like it!! xx