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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Glossybox Harrods two cents

I never took the leap and indulged in beauty boxes, instead i have always eagerly watched from the sidelines as others unveiled what their boxes had to offer each month. Although tempted, i never caved in. that was until i heard of the announcement on twitter of glossybox's contribution with Harrods. being the lover of all things Harrods along with beauty i finally gave in to temptation and excitedly awaited my box. in my honest opinion the items i received were so so, dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with them their lovely but nothing really screams Harrods to me. A product i was looking forward to, like many others was the burberry lipstick but in the true hit and miss world of beauty boxes i unfortunately did not receive it. 

one product however that i was excited to see was the clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, however Harrods do not even stock this brand so i dont really understand the connection with the box. 
the bliss bloody orange and white pepper body butter smells absolutely delicious and i cant wait to try it.
 im intrigued to try the revive- intensite cream lustre with the hefty price tag of £200..i love my beauty products but in all honesty if its not life changing i would not pay such a price (okay so maybe this screams of Harrods slightly).
 i adore the cute Versace perfume bottle although im not much of a lover of perfume, but this has something to it that i really like, im rubbish at describing scents, but its a very fresh and crisp one. 
perhaps the biggest disappointment for me was the Lancome Juicy tube, im not the biggest fan of lipgloss, and the toffee smell is overly sickly (this is personal taste, as some may love the scent the size is an issue aswell as its something that would quite easily be bunged in a magazine as a freebie, i think this will probably take homage in a going out bag, one of the very seldom times i use lipgloss.

 Altogether i love the packaging and my products are lovely, but nothing screams wow to me. Although i like the products in my glossybox (fave has to be the perfume sample) being a uni student im not keen on the risk of a hit and miss box and would rather use the £12 to indulge in a single product i would use and love (that could get me another real techniques brush, booyah) i dont want this review to come across as overly negative but i just feel glossybox is not for me, or any other beauty box, ive never been much of a fan of surprises id rather know what to expect. i think i will be rather content going back to watching people delve into their boxes from the sideline.

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  1. Glossyboxes can be really hit and miss can't they. I do sometimes wonder how often I'll use some of the products, but I do and like the little 'surprise gift' feeling I get every month. Totally understand the desire to spend pennies more wisely though xx

    1. yeah i completely get what you mean with the usage, i think beauty boxes are something il reconsider when i finish uni and have a bit more money each month haha (heres hoping ha) xx

  2. Glossyboxes are so hit and miss, thats why I dont purchase them, but they look lovely and it must be exciting opening them wondering what you got x

    1. i think i kind of spoilt it for myself by looking at other boxes before i received mine, yeah their to hit and miss for me to, although it was quite exciting to open it, il give it that :) haha xx