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Friday, 23 March 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.. a long overdue review!!

Hello lovelies i hope your all well! now this review has definitely been a long time coming, and i think iv'e definitely given it enough of a road testing ;)..before i ventured into my beloved studio sculpt foundation, i never apart from my studio fix had , had my grasps on a 'high end' product..
after endless bottles of foundation that would last not even a month or two, and getting fed up of never finding a shade that suited me (it was definitely the whole shade too light or too dark scenario) i caved in and entered the unknown world of foundation for me, and visited my local MAC to finally be matched for a shade that suited both my skin type and matched the shade of my face.
 after the MUA applied studio sculpt to my face, i knew this foundation had to be the one (im shade NW20 if anyone's interested paha)..the first morning i applied it i loved it, but this love was short lived as by the evening i began to notice a breakout in my skin and this carried on for the next week (which i now realise was the primer the MUA had suggested rather than the foundation) 
since that Topsy turfy week and after 7 months and two tubes later MAC studio sculpt has definitely had me in the palm of its hands. studio sculpt is described as having a gel based consistency, aswell as feeling creamy. the consistency is just right for my blemish prone skin covering all spots i like to hide without being too much of a high coverage that it looks to cakey, and a little definitely goes a long way, a small little splodge is enough, adding extra on those days i want EVERYTHING covered ha.
 in terms of longevity it will sit nicely on my face for a good 8ish hours without beginning to go patchy, but this is without primer and finishing powder, in which case it tends to last me all day.

Altogether i feel MAC studio sculpt is an overall brilliant foundation, i have both oily and dry combination skin, and it always seems to work well (it never feels like its sliding off or clinging to dry skin etc), it smells reasonably nice (this may sound silly but compared to studio fix which i personally think smells of paint it has a somewhat pleasant scent) in terms of longevity i think this lasts well, and the fact that the tube i currently have has lasted me 7 months (its coming to the end now) i think the £23 price tag is definitely worth it. Until another foundation comes along and charms me, Studio sculpt shall be my trusty foundation of choice.
have you tried mac studio sculpt? what did you think??

whats your go to foundation of choice?? 

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  1. I use this very foundation (had the same problems with finding a good one too) and am very impressed with it. I used to use studio fix in a compact, but decided to go for a change and I'm happy I did; you only need to use a tiny pea sized amount and you're sorted for the day! xx

    1. totally agree, its such good value for money..glad someone else loves it as much as i do :) xx

  2. I've been so tempted to try this foundation. Sounds like I have the same skin type as you so this could be a winner! Xo

    1. its worth a try, could always get a tester and see how it goes :) xx

  3. I love this review!
    great post!! :)