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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mac Lightfully collection...

when it comes to skincare, i swap and change like nobodies business, il pick something up on a whim and throw it aside for whatever new catches my attention, forever on the lookout for lotions and potions that will work wonders, something that definitely has caught my attention is MACs new lightfully collection. featuring three seaweeds from the worlds oceans this new collection claims to do wonders for your skin. the Collection itself includes lightful essence, lightful moisture cream, lightful softening lotion, and lightful cleanser. Personally ive never tried any of MACs skincare range, so whether this collection will live up to its rave reviews? only time will tell..this collection is said to already be released in america but the release date in Britain is unknown, anyone have any ideas? 
Will you be investing in something from this collection?? 

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  1. oohh! I haven't heard of this collection yet!

    Personally, I am going to stick with my seaweed stuff from LUSH, I feel like I trust them more? I don't know lol But, it sounds interesting!

    1. it does sound interesting, ooo ive never tried the seaweed stuff from lush, may have to if its any good :) xx

  2. I havent tried MAC skin care either, think I will give it a go when it comes to the UK :o)

    Over on my blog I am having a MAC lipstick give away - you can win the colour of your choice :o)


    1. its definitely something that will be tempting to try :) xx