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Thursday, 14 February 2013

TKMAXX- How to bag yourself a bargain

If you read my previous Tkmaxx post then you will know that I have a love hate relationship with the shop that claims to have 'Big Labels for Small Prices'. With my recent successful visits resulting in me finding hidden gems, whilst also fuelling my ever growing Michael Kors obsession, I have found myself slowly but surely becoming addicted to the shop that I once ignorantly called a 'jumble sale'. 

After what seemed like a failed tkmaxx browse, I was just about to head to the exit when I spotted that oh so familiar MK logo, embossed upon a card holder from the corner of my eye. Already grinning like a cheshire cat with my £10 bargain (yep you read that right) my boyfriend presented me with this rather lovely clutch to accompany it for the grand total of £15. 
These purchases are enough proof to justify that "if at first you dont succeed browse and browse again" (I think this is a great motto, rightha), and that with a close eye Tkmaxx really can be the one stop shop for finding a one off piece, or a pure designer bargain. 

This being the case I decided to let you guys into my little tips on hopefully picking up a bargain. 

you snooze you lose 
whilst perusing the sunglasses stand I spotted a fabulous pair of £25 cream missoni sunglasses, umming and ahhhing I put them back on the stand, wrong move by me, in the time I turned back around to pick them up, someone already had them in their mitts. If you like something fling it in your basket, and decide before the checkout whether it is a keeper or not ( five days on and im still dreaming of those sunglasses). 
Dont get carried away by the logo
Im sure i am not the only one who's guilty of picking up an item solely because of the brand? (ahem* this means picking up every Michael kors item in site) problem with this is that you will soon fill your basket with items that will only gain an unloved home gathering dust at the bottom of your wardrobe. Look past the logo and you will be sure to find some hidden gems. That being said Tkmaxx is a brilliant shop for introducing yourself to new brands. 
Search each Section
So you spot an amazing pair of platform heels but the sign on the shelf says size4 footwear when your sadly a size 6. Dont just walk off, pick them up as chances are they may just be in your size. Going back to my 'jumble sale' comment, many shoppers will pick an item up and put it back in the wrong place. 
look out for the gold label range
spot one of these items, and you could find yourself waltzing away with a bargain item from a top dog designer, this range includes the likes of Dolce & Gabanna, See by Chloe and Valentino to name a few. 
Go in with an open mind 
If you walk in with the opinion that the shop is full of tat, then you will more than likely miss some great items right under your nose. Tkmaxx really do sell the lot, from OPI polishes to that perfect pair of running trainers and everything inbetween. 
What are your top tips for picking up a Tkmaxx bargain?

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  1. I didnt know that TKmaxx sold Michael Korrs! Will definitely be going to have a look :)

    1. There are some really lovely pieces!! its worth a nosey ;) xx

  2. I love TKMaxx for a bit of a bargain hunt. You really have to be willing to spend a good few hours raiding the isles to find the hidden gems. I found a Gucci bag last month and I couldn't have been more chuffed xoxo

    1. Completely agree with you, if you dont look you definitely dont find!! oh wow such a great purchase :) xx